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“I've been teaching here for 26 years, precisely ever since I graduated. My house is about 60 kilometers from here; and though it’s located in Lao Cai, I teach in Sa Pa. So for me, it’s an ongoing cycle of coming home on weekends and going back up on Sunday afternoons. Many people have asked me why I didn’t apply for a job in Lao Cai rather than going through all the hard labors, but I’ve given the same answer every time. I see children here with lesser living conditions, facing many difficulties, so naturally I empathize with them. Because of that, I just kept on teaching in this highland. In fact, I’m used to it now. All of my students are dear to me, and although they aren’t the most privileged, these students are always the most affectionate and devoted. That's why I decided to stick with this school, no matter how tiresome and laborious my job can be at times."


For more information, contact us at:


Nguyen Minh Duc: 0983390646

Nguyen Thao Anh: 0912161999

Dao Huyen Vy: 0904111130


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