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Brocade products have long been a commodity that attracts many tourists to the Northwest mountains. These eye-catching and colorful goods not only yield economic benefits to the people, but are a great representation of the local artisans’ craftsmanship.

Brocade is a hand-woven fabric with rich textures; these motifs are often embossed on the fabric just the way they’re embroidered, and patterned according to the traditional method of mountainous ethnic minorities. The Northwest ethnic groups believe girls must master embroidery and cloth weaving before reaching the age of marriage. In other words, all women here are brocading artists.

The patterns, textures and colors of brocades are mainly in the shape of birds, animals, and flowers, arranged in small and balanced squares. The meticulous textures and color scheme gives it an exotically magical vibe. On top of that, there are small distinctions in each ethnic group, as well as details twisted to fit each group’s individuality. So now, let us have a closer look!

For the Thai people, the main colors used include green, red, pink, white, and yellow, combined with animal-shaped patterns suggesting profound underlying messages . As for the Mong ethnic group, there is a rather special exception: they do not use cotton to weave brocade. Instead, they use flax bark to craft delicate and vibrant brocades. These people are also very famous for their wax painting technique: they often draw symmetrical rectangles, squares, and diamond shapes symbolizing the eternal harmony of nature. Finally, there is the Muong ethnic group with patterns taken directly from the face of bronze drums. In addition, the Muong also implement patterns in the likes of chestnut flowers, anise flowers, as well as other natural beings present in their daily lives.

Brocade weaving continues to be a unique, sophisticated and diverse art of ethnic minorities. Therefore, it should be promoted, recognized and disseminated more widely in the future.


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